Nastia was originally formed in the year 2011 right after they won 2nd place in Suria Showdown Battle of the Bands organized by SuriaFm. By releasing their first demo ‘Hapus Kesalku’ in September 2011, the band has decided to came out with their own energetic and melodramatic attitude which can be seen on their first debut EP called ‘Xpresi’.  The name Nastia, is taken from a girl which till today the identity remains a mystery. Bastia music concept is modern rock that combines other elements such as progressive, jazz, alternative, and pop. Influenced by bands from Malaysia, UK and Indonesia such as Coldplay, Padi, NIDJI, Faizal Tahir, U2, KOMPLOT, Radiohead, and Dave Matthews, which became inspirations to the colour of their music. Nastia is comfortable writing and producing music in Bahasa, yet they manage to do it with bravado. Inspired by the daily life experience and turn it into a deeply meaningful words which touches the hearts of their listeners.

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Day 1
Saturday, 20 August 2016
8.00 PM
Day 2
Sunday, 21 August 2016
3.00 PM