Visual Arts

Gerai Tai Tai

POW Ideas is an architecture, design and art agency that looks to challenge the way people experience spaces.

It is an experimental collaborative that imagines narratives and questions trends through various projects such as bespoke objects to public parks. At its very core, POW IDEAS is an advocate for multidisciplinary collaborations across mediums, scales, cultures & contexts.

About Gerai Tai-Tai Installation

Gerai Tai-Tai is an experimental stall set up at the festival ground. Rather than selling products, the stall, run by the “Tai Tai” (played by Lim Bek Yee) will provide each customer with a customised and memorable experience. Each experience is an atmospheric three-way dialogue between the customer, the ‘Tai Tai’  and the Festival.

Day 1
Saturday, 20 August 2016
Throughout KLPAC
Day 2
Sunday, 21 August 2016
Throughout KLPAC